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Tofu Tees Zine

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Explore the world through the eyes of young visionary.

Issue #1: The LA Edition

will take you on a trip down Hollywood Blvd, Downtown LA, & more. Enjoy a Tofu Tees playlist & learn how to "Car pose".

Features: Playlist, Kumei & Random Old People, Hollywood Boulevard sightings, original illustrations, idols and more!

Issue #2: The Naotake Edition

explores fashion, short stories & music. It also tells the story of toddlers, Kumei & Naotake, who met in an airport, became best friends, & never saw eachother again. This zine is a quest to find Naotake.

Features: New playlist, fun photos, sensitivity quiz, fashion and Naotake. Kumei met Naotake in an airport when she was 2. ReadåÊåÊher short dedication to him in her latest edition of WAPSS Zine!

Issue #3: Kids Against Racism part 1

In the 3rd issue of my zine, I highlight children who attended the Kids Against Racism Rally held in June of 2020 & the Kids Against Racism photoshoot held in September. To see so many children standing up for themselves and others, was amazing. This is simply the photos edition and does not contain the interviews.åÊ

Photos by: Kathy Cuadra, Mikayla Hooper, and parents from the rally/photoshoot

Issue #4: Kids Against Racism part 2

Kids Against Racism Zine "The Interviews". This 30 page zine contains interviews from 14 children (aged 6-12) that attended the Kids Against Racism Rally & Photoshoot. Photos by acclaimed photographer, Anthony Mair, and so much insight into the way children are affected by adults and the decisions they make.