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Our Friend Ian T-SHIRT

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This limited quantity t-shirt based on a caricature of Ian, is designed as a continued fundraiser for OUR FRIEND IAN’s recovery from her brain tumor surgery and medical expenses.

The artwork is presented on a white t-shirt in royal blue, to symbolize the color associated with her ‘Electric Blue’ personality. Within the design are motifs more specific to Ian: her favorite number is 8 and is also the infinity (♾) symbol, aka IAN = INFINITE AND NOW. Her favorite spiritual symbol is the moon. These were chosen as placement for her eyes as a means to express focusing on her true self. The teeth spell out her name.

If you have ever experienced Ian, she is either laughing a big laugh or she’s making you laugh. Rooted in Community is a mantra and a nod to the community space coined by Fergusons Downtown. It also serves as a reminder of the purpose of the purchase of this t-shirt: reciprocity.

Not only is the purchase of the shirt merely for the acquiring of an article of clothing, it serves as a means of financial help in our community member’s time of need. In return, whomever purchases receives a wearable piece of art that can also remind them of a time where they gave of themselves in service of another. This reciprocity takes on the form of what the infinity symbol looks like in action.