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Marigold Flower Essence

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Benefits of this essence

helps increase intuition, brings peace and presence, enlightenment, enhances self-empowerment and embodiment, supports you during times of transition and new beginnings, brings patience and trusting in the process.

This essence has been programmed with Reiki Divine Life Force Energy and attuned to the sound of the Sacral Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl.

It was made on the first day of the Waxing Quarter Moon which helps with challenges, decisions, putting a plan into action, growth spurts and ‰ÛÏwatering‰۝ our ideas. Also made on a Friday which is ruled by Venus.

How to take flower essence

place 4-5 drops directly in the mouth or into a glass of water and drink throughout the day, 3x a day. Or you can add to a bath or a diffuser.