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Smudge Bundle Set

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4 Bundle Set

A variety of Rose wrapped Smudge bundles that can be used together or separately to clear negative energies, increase your chakras, and help with manifestation.


1 small Rose wrapped White Sage

1 Small Rose wrapped Rosemary Bundle

1 Rose wrapped Lavender wand

1 Palo Santo


known to cleanse, purify, bless, and heal any person, object, or sacred space. The smoke clings onto negative energies, helping get rid of anything unwanted to restore tranquility and bring in good fortune.


Burning it can cleanse, bless, and purify yourself, your space, and your crystals from any negative energies. It stimulates your memory centers, helps to boost your mood, and is a great tool to enhance your psychic abilities for dream recall.


antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it is physically cleansing as much as spiritually purifying. Burning lavender incense balances the emotion and cleanses any negative thoughts as well as evil eye. It also helps enhance and wake your psychic abilities and connect you to the higher realms.

Palo Santo

helps with energy cleansing and spiritual purification. When smudging with Palo Santo, the smoke clings onto unwanted negative energies, giving you an uplifting vibration that helps bring in and keep the good energies. Palo Santos‰۪ soothing fragrance, inspires creativity, brings in love and good fortune into your space, yourself, and your crystals.


each bundle ~4‰۝ x 3‰۝ x 1‰۝